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Launch of NHS Manchester's healthy weight strategy

A healthy lunch, followed by the chance to visit 20 displays of work being delivered to tackle obesity in Manchester, a city health walk, and two inspirational patients  who between them have lost almost 8 stone saw NHS Manchester launch its Healthy Weight Strategy : Tackling overweight and obesity .
Currently Manchester has around 90,000 adults and 14,000 children who are classed as being obese – the actions set out in the strategy which were unveiled today (Monday February 1) aim to combat that over the coming years.

The five key elements of the strategy are:
1)    Make reducing obesity a priority for all
2)     Promote healthy behaviours
3)     Supporting people to live healthier lives
4)     Investing in prevention
5)     Investing in treatment

Speaking at the event Laura Roberts, Chief Executive of NHS Manchester said: “I am delighted to be helping to launch this strategy . The outcome of this work will ensure that by making reducing obesity a priority for everyone and working with our partners then we can help to improve people’s health and reduce Manchester's weight problems.”
Evelyn Lawrence recently lost over 5 stone and John Gorman has lost over 2 stone and is continuing to lose weight thanks to attending a programme ‘Your Choice’ delivered by the Community Nutrition Service, part of NHS Manchester.  ‘Your Choice’ is a 12 month weight management program  run by  Registered Dieticians and Nutrition Assistants offering  professional advice and support to help clients lose weight safely and effectively.   
Evelyn said: “I’m really pleased by the amount of weight I have lost. My GP suggested that I join the programme after I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Once I was following the diet and not eating things like crisps or chocolate the weight began to come off. The best thing was the drop in service which ‘Your Choice’ runs if you were having a bad week or hadn’t lost as much as you wanted then they helped to give you a boost.” 
John added: “The programme and the drop in centre really helped me, a few years ago I would never have thought about going to the gym, but know I really enjoy it. I gave myself targets such I wanted to lose as much weight as possible for visiting my daughter, and it worked.”
Councillor Glynn Evans, Executive Member for Adult Services said: “This strategy not only looks at the problem which the city is facing in terms of obesity but also practical and long term ways in which it is going to be solved.”

At the launch there were 20 displays highlighting the work which is already being undertaken to tackle obesity in Manchester. These services either help people to eat more healthily, be more physically active or control their weight. The services were aimed at a range of age groups and abilities. An example of services which attended include Exercise referral, Fighting fit, healthy living network, Healthy schools, Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative, Community food co-ordinators, Community nutrition service and Mind Exercise Nutrition - do it (MEND). 

View the Manchester Healthy Weight Strategy.



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