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Commissioning healthcare

As the lead organisation for the NHS in Manchester we are responsible for making sure funding for health services is targeted where it is needed the most, NHS care is of the highest standards and, ultimately, local people are able to lead longer, healthier lives.

This role is known as commissioning and involves directing NHS funds into a wide range of services that meet the needs of all communities in the City of Manchester.  For example, we commission services from hospitals, general practitioners (GPs) and dentists so that suitable treatment is available where and when it is needed.

Manchester is rightly proud to be one of the most dynamic and diverse cities in the United Kingdom.  It is a centre for commerce and growing prosperity, widely regarded as England's second city.  But while life expectancy for people born here has improved significantly in the last decade, people's health and wellbeing have not fully enjoyed the benefits of the city's transformation.

A boy born in Manchester today has a shorter life expectancy than one born in any other part of England; while a newborn girl here has the fourth lowest life expectancy nationally.

The Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups are ambitious and want  to see local communities' health make the same great strides forward as the city itself.  Our vision is to address the most fundamental of inequalities by improving health in Manchester.

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